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Strategy & Marketing Consultancy

Our highly experienced marketing consultant Sam will get your business in tip-top shape. Using her tried and tested SAMM (strategy and marketing mindset) technique, she'll work hand-in-hand with your own team, digging deep to get to the heart of your challenges.

Simpler, smarter, savvier marketing

Burrow & Co isn’t your traditional marketing consultancy. We’re a collective, a hub of remote & experienced marketing consultants with access to a national network of specialists and freelancers. This means you get all the expertise and creative output of a big UK digital marketing agency without any of the hassle or extortionate monthly fees.


Our Digital Marketing Packages and Services

From Digital Marketing consultancy and strategy to packages covering everything from social media marketing to workshops & mentoring, we’ll help you find your audience. Our approach is built around being agile, adaptable and approachable, meaning you can pick and choose exactly what works for you. We offer:

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Marketing Resources & Blogs

We really know our stuff. Our blogs are designed to give you a sneak peek into the world of marketing, particularly those areas that go overlooked or are misunderstood. Marketing is constantly evolving, so stay cutting edge with our expert advice.

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