5 simple steps to stay ahead of Covid-19

5 simple steps to stay ahead of Covid-19
10th April 2020

It’s fair to say that regardless of whether it comes to our personal or business lives, things are uncertain at this time. So we’ve popped together some handy hint’s and tip’s to help businesses adapt to stay ahead of Covid-19:

Keep going

As businesses it’s so temping to turn off marketing to save cash but it’ll only result in putting you on the back foot once ‘normal’ life resumes. You’ve likely spent years building audiences & customer bases, and whilst they might be loyal now, if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind.

It’s also worth bearing in mind how many larger businesses are heading in to administration during these unprecedented times. If your customers don’t see you, how will they know you’ll still be there in a few months time?

Case Study: Whilst we’re unable to leave our homes and get away this spring, Forest Holidays are keeping their customers up to date which also has the effect of subconsciously re-assuring their customers that they’ll still be there when normal life resumes. We love their #DailyDoseOfNature updates.


As noted earlier, the last thing you should do is go quiet on your customers during this situation. At a time when the country is coming together, human behaviour and interaction is more important than ever. Gone are the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) cliches and in are the H2H (Human to Human) cliche.

Be honest with your customers; are you still fully operational? Are you having to put staff of furlough? What have you done to adapt of help?

You should be looking to build trust and relationships during this time, as it will ultimately result in stronger customer loyalty.

Building on the human behaviour, this is your time to shine by fully engaging with your customers. It should never all be about selling but now, with time on your hands and with captive audiences, there’s never been a better time to chat to your customers. Not only will this help with loyalty and keep social algorithms happy, but it’s also the perfect chance for customer research.

Case study: Innocent smoothies are generally the masters of social media, but during these crazy times have amended their social media feeds to provide customers with light hearted daily updates and silly things to do during lockdown. Smoothies aren’t mentioned but Innocents strategy is a sure fire way of keeping their brand at the forefront of peoples minds.

Make changes

Whether or not you’re still fully operational, adapting your messaging is vital. If your products or services are still available then this needs to be approached sensitively. Highlight how can you help or communicate messages what others will value at this time.

If you’re not able to run your business as usual, then how can you amend your offering?  Be flexible and be there for future customers.

Case study: Like all attractions Chester Zoo have closed their doors to visitors but with staff still needing to care for the animals and the UK’s population of children in need of distraction, Chester Zoo have been utilising social media to offer virtual zoo days via Facebook live… Genius. 

The new normal

As humans, we adapt pretty quickly to change. We might not like change, but we adapt.

We’ve had our world turned upside down and many of us have spent the past few weeks in panic mode. Over time though, this becomes our new normal and whilst we have to make changes, we’ll naturally look for ways to introduce a sense of normality in to our routines.

Our advice is to not panic and not to discount just yet. People need time to settle into new routines and to get a better understanding of their personal situations and finances, but, as our new routines kick in it’s the perfect time to add value to your offering and drop some incentives and discounts their way.

Think outside the agency

Working with external marketing agencies or companies is vital to many different businesses, but at a time when you’ve had to cut back, it’s logical that scaling back or pausing your current relationships seems an easy choice. The thing is, in cutting them out, you’re also cutting back on expertise and ability to stay ahead.

At Burrow & Co we offer flexible one off or short term projects as well as small retainers. Whilst you may have had to cut back on traditional marketing agency support, we can offer flexible access to our network of freelancers or small businesses. The same level or expertise without the high overheads.

If you’ve had to let go, then why not come to Burrow & Co?

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