Coronavirus Digital Marketing Survival Guide

Coronavirus Digital Marketing Survival Guide
13th March 2020

Well this is one of those blog posts we really wish we weren’t having to write and will need no real introductions. With the Coronavirus being all over the news and the UK in full blown toilet paper purchasing frenzy, we’re sharing our advice on how to minimise the impact the COVID-19 has on our businesses.

Of course, we wish we had a ‘business as usual’ solution but in situations like this it’s heartbreaking to accept it just might not be an option. For more information on getting business support, visit the government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for employees, employers and businesses.

We reached out to our Co’s and clients for their hints and tips:

Be Proactive

Now, we’re not for one minute condoning panic buying or panic planning but as business owners and professionals we should always be proactive and planning for negative situations that can effect our business.

Should the worst happen and our businesses end up quiet or closed for lockdown, a positive and proactive mindset can make all the difference to how fast your business recovers. Use it as a chance to get ahead when perhaps your competitors aren’t.

Here are some ways to make the most of this time so that the Coronavirus has a positive impact on your digital marketing and your business:

  • Training. How many times are we guilty of phrases such as “I’d love to know more about SEO but I just don’t have the time”? Well now you do. Take the opportunity to change your “I can’t”, ‘I’m too busy”, “I’ll never be able to understand it” mindset and brush up on some new skills. Skills that will help your business recover and give you new ways to excel in the future. Just a few useful training resources to get you started:
  • Get organised. Turns out, the chances are we’ll have a lot on our plate in 2020, so use any quiet time to get a head start such as:
    • Schedule social media posts. You can utilise online software such as Hootsuite and Planoly to plan, create and schedule social media posts for months and months ahead. Think about ways you can add value to your customers social media experience and maybe even get creative using online design tools like Canva or aps such as Life Lapse.
    • Stock up on blog posts. Spend time writing lots of blog posts and saving them to your drafts ready to release over the coming months. Obvisouly the content is different for each business but as with social media, think about ways you can enhance your customers experience or create some useful resources.
    • Tackle the boring jobs. Classic example: How many of us actually re-name our images to something useful to Google when we upload them to our websites? It’s a missed trick so, pop a movie on and get to work.
    • Be nosey. That’s right, it’s time to stalk your competitors. Take some time to Google your offering and see where you all rank, take a look at their social media and read their websites. Competitor research is always really insightful but don’t lose sight of your own business and USP’s.
    • Plan, plan, plan. If you don’t already have a marketing strategy or plan then now’s the time. You’ll also need to new ideas to get things back on track once this horrid disease has passed.

We can help

Remember, you are not alone. As business owners and professionals, we’re all in the same boat. Throughout these rocky times, we’re offering 2 hour Skype, Zoom or telephone calls for £199 in the following areas of digital marketing:

  • Marketing Strategy: Book 2 hours with our Founder Sam. Sam can help you with anything from figuring out how to make the best of the situation, to adapting your current strategy or helping you plan kick a** recovery campaigns. She’s a great listener and is more than happy to hear your fears but she’s also incredibly proactive and will help you plan ahead.
  • Social Media: Our social Co’s will be here ready to help you with all things social. Tap into them to refresh your social knowledge, together visit your current channels and and they’ll pass on their words of wisdom, or work with them to create a future proof social media strategy.
  • SEO: Utilise 2 hours of our super SEO’s time, learn more about it, ask them hundreds of questions or book an hour audit followed by an hour of them talking you through their findings.
  • Branding: Always wanted to learn more about why branding is more than a logo or would like some advice on how to improve yours then we’ve got our design gurus waiting to help you shine.

Burrow & Co Packages £199

Communication is Key

Don’t forget, if we’re thinking about it, our customers and employees will be. Read up on the official government advice, consider the impact that the coronavirus will have on your digital marketing and on your business and the provisions you need in place and pop a simple page on your website. This is NOT to cause panic and at this point it doesn’t need to have the answers. Just show your customers you’re reputable and making plans.

It’s the same with staff members, if they are customer facing, have they been briefed on what to do or say? What have you done to reassure your staff? Should you need to communicate with all your staff out of hours or should the UK end up on lockdown, we would recommend setting up a group communication board, consider WhatsApp or a private Facebook group.

Facebook also has a free workplace tool that can be really useful should staff need to able to work from home. Workplace can keep all your staff in communication, as well as designate work.

Take some time to be human

Our final advice is to remember that you are human, anxiety is natural and that protecting ourselves and loved ones always comes first.

  • Be sensible and minimise risk but don’t be an OTT panic buying fool.
  • If you’re feeling anxious then helpful dealing with Coronavirus blogs like this one are worth reading, view here.
  • Take time out and switch off – Read a book, take a long bath, play family scrabble or walk the dog. We’re often so busy in life, sometimes a forced rest is exactly what we need.

Any questions or recommended advice, drop us a message.