Outreach explained

Outreach explained
06th December 2019

Outreach explained…

It doesn’t matter how good your product or company is, unless people know about it, it’ll never sell. Simple ha?

Outreach is bringing an asset or brand to the attention of potential customers. This can be done via a person, social media channel, or influencer collaboration. Influencer outreach is akin to a traditional PR exercise, where the marketeer would utilise their ‘black book’ of contacts to ensure maximum publicity for a brand. However, the contemporary marketeer has a black book contacts which includes online influencers and personalities, rather than just journalists.

The key to good outreach is having an asset that’s worth sharing.  Influencers are businesses too after all, so the asset being promoted needs to be relevant to their followers.

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Outreach examples

Bad: Approaching random influencer, asking if they would like to publish your informative article on hair removal treatment – which happens to feature a link from the words “hair removal” to your company website. This will more than likely be turned down except by those seeking payment. This is frowned upon by Google.

Good: A marketeer at Shell Oil approaches a motoring blogger with details of a new website section, listing exclusive discounts available to their readers. In this scenario it is more likely that the influencer will not only feature a post about your brand and its new offers, but also provide you a sought after link to direct their readers to the Shell website.

It’s OK to pay for social exposure but less so for link building. We’ll pop together another post about the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rules soon.

Here at Burrow and Co, we undertake extensive ‘getting to know you’ research, create that much needed gem of an asset, and set about gaining you maximum exposure with our amazing little black book of contacts.