What is content marketing & why do I need it?

What is content marketing & why do I need it?
05th December 2019

What is content marketing?

The phrase ‘content marketing’ is bandied about quite regularly now and is a common offender in all good games of bulls*it bingo.

In fact, it’s got to a point where if you aren’t sure exactly what it means, then you might feel embarrassed to ask. If this is you, then fear not, because we are here to fix it.

Content marketing is the creation of marketing assets which are shared and promoted

Contrary to popular opinion, the ‘content’ need not necessary be text based; it could be an infographic, Ebook, or video to name but a few.

Regardless of the content topic, or the form it takes, the overall aim is to encourage promotion for the eventual purpose of driving revenue. A content marketing campaign may contribute to this in various forms such as driving brand awareness, helping to form a desirable brand image, or prompting customers to purchase a particular product by highlighting its benefits.

It ‘s easier to understand these things with an example, so let’s imagine a scenario where the marketing team at Virgin have been tasked with raising awareness of their brand in parts of Australia where the company is currently relatively unknown.

In order to do this, they create an infographic highlighting some lesser known facts about Richard Branson which details the actions he is taking to protect the environment.  This infographic would then be promoted to known influencers in the environmental sector in Australia, which results in the brand reaching the eyes of more potential customers; hence increasing brand awareness while evoking positive connotations about the brand.

Content marketing can take many forms and is not as complicated as you might think. It is nothing more than a standard marketing campaign (not necessarily with a sales focus) which is promoted through online media and influencers, as opposed to traditional methods.

As with all your marketing campaigns,  it’s important to make sure that the content marketing efforts are designed to complement your brand image and adhere to your brand guidelines.  That’s why, here at Burrow & Co we’ll invest in getting to know your brand properly in one of our ‘getting to know you’ calls or sessions.