How does it all work?

Visit our ‘How does it all work?’ blog post for full details. 

Who are the Co's?

The Co’s are a trusted network of freelancers and other small businesses that we’ve personally worked with and can vouch for. We’ll virtually introduce you to them from time to time and of course you’ll meet them in person if you decide to work with us. For now they’re known as our Creative Co’s, Social Co’s, Strategic Co’s and Analytical Co’s – Just think of them like the (Topgear) Stig.

Do I have to use a Co?

Nope, these are trusted people we can vouch for but if we write up a strategy or plan for you, we’re happy to work with people you already know and trust.

Can I become a Co?

At the moment it’s just people we have personally worked with, that said, as we grow the network will grow so watch out for opportunities. *Will require examples or work and references.

What are the payment terms?

Once we’ve agreed on a project we’ll send you over a contract that protects us both.

  • For one off projects, we ask for 50% payment prior to commencement and 50% upon completion.
  • Monthly retainers must paid at the start of each month’s work.
  • Day rates or training must be paid for upfront.
  • All other invoices are 14 days payment terms unless otherwise specified.

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