Technical SEO Consultancy

Technical SEO Consultancy

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In modern marketing, attention is power. If people aren’t noticing you, you’ll struggle. If you’re not getting the results you’d expect, it might be that your Search Engine Optimisation is poor, meaning you’re not high enough in the Google rankings. We can perform a complete SEO audit of your site which will adhere to Google’s best practice and help you identify additional keywords that may well open you up to much larger audiences.

Good SEO is a marathon not a sprint

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Google Search Console Audit

What’s Included In Our Google Search Console Audit?

How would you feel if a judge handed you a guilty sentence without you having seen any evidence or witnessed the court case as it played out? Well this may well be the situation you find yourself in if you aren’t using Google Search Console correctly.


Google Search Console is basically the data that Google uses when deciding where you should rank for keywords. Google is the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner and this is the information they use in order to come to their conclusions.


If you haven’t currently got Google Search Console in place or working correctly, then you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to see the world through Google’s eyes. This report can help identify any aspect of your website that the search engine giant may not like, as well as aiding you in identifying potential areas for improvement. The best thing of all is that this vital tool is available to you for free!


As part of a Google Search Console report, one of our Co’s will make sure that your Google Search Console is set up and providing accurate data. If you haven’t got it set up already, then fear not because we’ll set it up for you.


We’ll then act as your interpreter, breaking down the data and translating any baffling terms to identify actionable areas for improvement which could dramatically improve your SEO performance. The findings of this report will also help guide us when determining what strategy would work best for your website with regards to organic search.


Who’s this perfect for?

This report is perfect for anyone who wants to understand how Google views their website and uncover any hidden errors which could be harming the SEO performance of their site.


Format: You’ll receive a fully set up Google Search Console and supporting document.


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Google Analytics Audit

What’s included:
Have you ever had someone trying to make you commit to a staggering ongoing monthly fee to gain access to some fancy named software which they say will provide you with vital insights into your customer base?


Well, don’t fall for it, because you will probably have access to all the data you need for free when you set up a Google Analytics account. This works by placing a simple tag on each page of your website, which won’t be at all noticeable to your customers. This tag will be triggered every time that a visitor comes to your website and is recorded as a session within Google Analytics. Google will then happily tell you pretty much all that you need to know about each of these visitors, be it their age, gender and location; all the way down to the phone they may be using in order to access your website.


We will set up Google Analytics for you if you haven’t got it already and/or ensure that it is working correctly so as to provide meaningful and accurate data on which to report to senior stakeholders or make crucial business decisions.


One of our Co’s will also provide the benefit of their experience to you by analysing the data within Google Analytics to help you understand what is working well and what isn’t. We can also help you work out how to pull data for reports as well as providing you with potential opportunities which could significantly improve your business performance.


Who’s this perfect for?
This report is perfect for anyone who is regularly expected to report on business performance online as well as anyone who is keen to gain a better understanding of their customers without being forced to pay for a costly monthly software package.


Format: You’ll receive a fully set up Google Analytics and a list of potential opportunities


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Keyword Research

What’s included:

Google is the first port of call for many of us whenever we need a service, or have a question begging to be answered. As a result, there are over 63,000 searches conducted on Google every single second. That’s over 5.6 billion searches per day!


One of our SEO consultants will trawl through Google’s own data, and help you uncover the keywords or phrases that people are typing when looking for your offering. We’ll help you identify what keywords are most searched for, as well as helping you identify any trends or patterns to maximise the reach of potential customers.

We can also help you identify any keywords or phrases that you don’t want to be visible for. E.g, the Jaguar Road Car company probably knows that someone typing “visit a Jaguar” (purrrrr) probably isn’t hoping to take a look around it’s latest F-Type model.


Who’s this perfect for?

Perfect for companies looking to better understand the behaviours of its online customers and apply these insights into their marketing strategy.


Format: You will receive a comprehensive list of the keywords often used by your potential customers (It’s always really interesting to see the difference between what you think and those they actually find you by) You’ll also receive a detailed report with recommendations of which keywords you should be focusing on.


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Data Analysis

What’s included:

We’ll get one of our data gurus to make sense of the numbers and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your customer behaviours; identifying key trends and making observations which can make a real difference to how your business operates; as well as impacting on your bottom line.

We will work with you to discuss these findings and determine how you can make use of them in the future.


Who’s this perfect for?

Company’s who already have data collection techniques in place but simply don’t know where to start when it comes to getting useful insights from all of those numbers



You will receive a comprehensive, but easy to understand document highlighting the key findings.

We will follow this up with a 1-2-1 call to ensure that you understand how to transform these findings into actions that make a real difference to your company’s bottom line.


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SEO and data analysis and strategy

Why not speak to our team about a full SEO audit, analysis of your data and strategy recommendations

We can also provide short, medium or long term hands on SEO retainers but spaces are limited. Please let us know if you would like a tailored SEO consultancy package quote which is focused on helping you achieve your specific business needs.

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